Monday, January 28, 2008

Wow, what can I say?

Seriously, what can I say? There are many people out there who deserve such a wonderful keepsake as this (see the video Michael posted below), but I wouldn't consider myself to be one of them in a million years! What a huge surprise and honor. I managed to see over 40 of the people I love for my birthday, without having to travel from my living room. THANK YOU to everyone who took part! You are all so special to me and I will treasure this for a lifetime. I love you all.

... in order of appearance (in case you're curious, and and in case you watched all 20 minutes :)

  • Grandma & Grandpa Rau - Michael's (and my) beloved Grandparents
  • Jim Black - Our good friend for many years
  • Paul Bernstein - My brother-in-law
  • Patty Spears - My good friend from high school
  • Scott Mehren - Our friend from One Life (and our tax guy :)
  • Shawna Smith - Michael's (very pregnant) sister
  • Paul - Again, sheesh, can't get away from this guy
  • Maddy & Gabby Mehren (Scott & Jill's beautiful girls); Jordan Bowman (adorable son of Eric & Lisa Bowman) in the background
  • Mom & Dad Matthew (My adopted parents)
  • Stephanie and Bryce - Nick Ikeda's son
  • Summer Ward - My good friend from high school
  • Wally Beck - From One Life
  • Aunt Stacey & doggie Jodi - Michael's mom's sister
  • Jenee Watts - My good friend from grade school!!
  • Anna Barber - My beautiful sis
  • Duncan Elledge - Musically gifted one-of-a-kind friend from One Life
  • Jamie Owens - Michael's cousin (and Logan's mommy)
  • Jess Bernstein - My other beautiful 'sis who had a major role in orchestrating all of this!
  • Jerimy (and stuffed friend) - Our great friend from high school that we visit in LA often
  • One Life Worship Team - Paul, Jess, Duncan, Nick, Scott, Eric, Gabby & Maddy, Jill, and Roy (I think?)
  • Mom & Dad Barber - How much more adorable could they be? Only loving parents can brag on their kids like this. I love you two so much!
  • Whitney Bingham - My good friend from high school
  • Logan Chase (my nephew); Grandma & Grandpa; and a beautiful singing voice belonging to my mom-in-love
  • Anna - cheerleader :)
  • Paul - again ...
  • Becky & Vicky - One Life
  • Stephanie & Bryce - One Life
  • Chrissy Udoffia & Cade - My good friend from high school and her third-born (soon to be not-the-youngest anymore!)
  • Mona Bass - From One Life
  • Nick Ikeda - From One Life band
  • Walt Dobrowski - One Life (and
  • Jenee with Kylee and Talyor - Her beautiful girls!
  • Troy Dean, Eric Bowman & Michael Bass - Pastor and Friends at One Life
  • Make-out session (!) - Close your eyes, parents
  • Bob Sherwood - Best friend of Michael (and me) since 1991
  • Eric Maddox - My great friend for many years
  • Shawn Sutton - Another great friend for many years
  • Michael - Love of my life - thank you for putting this all together for me
  • Bear - My favorite doggie and second love of my life
I've watched it three times already, but I hope I didn't miss anyone!

Thanks again, my friends.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I see a theme ...

My sweet tooth precedes me ...

This time a FedEx man brightens my day.

Thank you Jess! :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Bouquet of Joy

Ah, such a cold and dreary day it was on Friday. The doorbell rang and there were two large packages from UPS. I just left them there and told Michael to go get them, since all we ever get from UPS is office supplies and hardware.

But he said one was for me, and I opened it up to find this large and lovely yellow bouquet ... of flowers? No. CANDY! Much better! All my favorites. I love it so much I can't bear to break into it yet. I have it setting out so I can look at it and smile. I'll at least save it 'til after my birthday. Then I'm sure it will be love at first bite!

Thanks to my girls in California (Jenee, Summer, Stacey, Chrissy, Patty and Whitney & Jess) for sending me such a wonderful gift! It brightened my day and my week.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Workin' 9 to 5

Finally earning his keep around here.

No napping!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Under the Sea!"

Michael swimming in Maui and filming a big daddy sea turtle. :) Oh, that's the turtle singing the soundtrack btw. And just out of frame is a red crab playing the steel drum, I'm DEAD serious!

Make sure you watch Michael's filming technique when the turtle goes up for a breath.

The weather and ocean are just beautiful. Whales are on their way in, and you can hear them from underwater. It's magical!

We'll try to upload pics all week. We got a new underwater casing for the camera so we can take great pics and video while we snorkel. And then put them to music for your viewing pleasure and our own amusement.

Maui gallery...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Happy Texas New Year!

Fireworks are a BIG deal here in Texas. People go all out - in ways that are hugely illegal in CA. Fireworks are sold in huge warehouses or stands all along the highways. People do fireworks for birthdays, Christmas, 4th of July, and pretty much any other reason they can think of. It's hilarious.

This was our neighborhood last night at midnight. These are people's houses, not a fair or city event. People light these in their front yards. Which is probably why you hear the fire trucks almost immediately.

A very entertaining show.

Happy New Year from us to you!

Bear's Beautiful

Bear liked his dad's new haircut so much he asked if we would give him a nice grooming for the New Year. This was on Sunday - yes we are wearing shorts and swimsuits - it was over 80 degrees outside and beautiful.

But not as beautiful as Bear.

We have two sets of clippers so we can do the job in half the time. I am usually in charge of styling his bangs and business end, while Michael grooms his body and feet. Thought you might find it amusing.